Flag of Jordan "Meen Shaf Habibi"
(مين شاف حبيبي)
Meen Shaf Habibi
Mediterraneanvision Song Contest 6 entry
Country Jordan
Artist(s) JadaL
Language Arabic
Songwriter(s) JadaL
Finals performance
Semi-final result 10th, 71 points
Final result 10th, 170 points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Coming Back Around" (4)   
"Mamnoo Ellames" (9) ►

"Meen Shaf Habibi" (Arabic: مين شاف حبيبي; English: Maine Chave Darling) is a song by Jordanian Arabic Rock band JadaL. It was chosen to represent Jordan at the Mediterraneanvision Song Contest 6 in Pristina, Kosovo.

The song competed in the first semi-final where it came 10th with 71 points and therefore qualified for the grand final. In the final, the song came 10th with 170 points.

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